Alvaro Blasco Solicitors have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a worry-free and effective service.

When you are an Executor or a beneficiary of a deceased who left property or assets in Spain, you need reliable, sympathetic, comprehensive and accessible advice and guidance from your solicitors.

The legal situation will be different if there is an Irish or Spanish will related to your Spanish assets. In any case we can undertake all the necessary Spanish work to administer their Spanish estate and have it transferred to the beneficiaries (or in certain cases, into the name of the trustees).

We can also deal with the subsequent sale of any properties in Spain and repatriation of any funds, if that is your wish.

We will gather all necessary information from you, from your Solicitors or from Spanish institutions and registries. Where appropriate, we can arrange for any properties to be valued. We will obtain the necessary paperwork from Spain and from Ireland r in order to sign on your behalf the Spanish Deed of Acceptance of Inheritance.

We will inform you of any taxes, request the necessary monies on account, pay the taxes in Spain on your behalf and have the property registered in your name at the Spanish Land Registry. If you then wish to sell the property, we can also contact local estate agents, draft the necessary contracts and deal with all the necessary formalities to ensure that you receive the sale price in the Ireland.

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