Alvaro Blasco Solicitors provide comprehensive litigation and mediation services covering a wide range of issues. In some cases, however, we may do so using our local associate offices or we may ask you to instruct a local lawyer whom we can brief and guide through the proceedings. These proceedings may involve property-related disputes, debt collection, contractual litigation, family law, succession and tax matters.

We can work alongside your Irish solicitors and advise them on any Spanish law matters which may be relevant for your Irish proceedings and prepare the necessary affidavits of Spanish law and attend court as expert witnesses in Spanish law.
We can also commence the necessary proceedings in Spain in order to register and enforce in Spain any Irish judgments.

We can also assist your Spanish lawyers on any Irish legal matters relevant to your Spanish proceedings and issue the appropriate affidavits or certificates of Irish law to be used by the Spanish courts. We can attend any proceedings in Spain as expert witnesses in Irish law.
Our services include:

  • Property Dispute Resolution
  • Execution of bank guarantees
  • Contract Disputes
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Administrative Litigation
  • Insurance disputes
  • Damages Claims

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